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Creative ideas to help you raise a well adjusted, thinking child.

How to Increase

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 Give them the most prized asset for success

creative thinking.

Nurturing Creative Children

By Dr. Yew Kam Keong

(About The Author)

From:  Jocelyn Hodgson

Every child is a creative being.   The challenge we have as parents, teachers and care givers is to tap that creativity and maximize a child's potential. 

This is no small responsibility.  The closer we come to nurturing that creativity in our children, the greater the potential  for raising a global network of happy adults.

Once children reach the age where they are launched into the world via public education they are suddenly burdened with the pressure to succeed.

Parents and teachers alike turn their focus on getting good grades rather than succeeding as a human being.  This focus on academic excellence is extremely damaging to children.  

Of course, academics are important.  But not important enough to bring tremendous pressure to bear on our children.  Especially when the cost affects the goal of happy, balanced children.

As each generation gains more knowledge, we have the opportunity to give our children the best environment possible.  Nurturing Creative Children is one tool that can help you to provide that for your children. 

Is academic success the most important element to a child's development?  Or, can we  give children an environment where they are allowed to play and explore the world around them.   

How can you introduce the element of creativity to your child rearing process?  Glad you asked.  Nurturing Creative Children is the perfect guide to helping you identify and develop creativity in your child.

In addition to learning why nurturing creative children is so important, Nurturing Creative Children gives real activities that you can do with your children.  Take a peek at what's inside:

  • Why nurturing creative children is so important

  • Choosing the right toys

  • Developing a love for music

  •  Having fun with empty boxes

  • Why a father's involvement is so important

  • Jigsaw puzzles

  • Having fun with coins

  • Brain food

  • Animal magic

  • 21 other tips to help you bring out creativity in your child!

The chapter on creative mischief is priceless, as is the chapter

In Praise of Black Sheep.

If you have a child with learning challenges the information on high

achievers with learning problems is a must read.


Having a copy of Nurturing Creative Children is an

absolute must for your home library.  As this book:


  • Equips you with the tools for Creative parenting.

  • Provides you with gems of creative wisdom of educationists,

    psychologists and other prominent personalities.

  • Nurtures your children's inborn creativity for success and


Nurturing Creative Children  is not just a book about creativity

but also shows how to manage many of the parenting issues that

arise raising children. 

With our 100% money back guarantee you have absolutely no risk

at giving it a try.  We are certain you will find important tools to

add to your arsenal of child rearing activities.  Get your copy now

and put it to work right away.  Your children will thank you!


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P.S. Turn your child around today!  Tap their creativity. Some day they will thank you!